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We offer effective complex management provided by qualified Portfolio Managers who pride themselves on rendering “service excellence”. Imber PM Somerset West Property Management, supported by the Imber PM brand, is fast establishing itself as a market leader in the Sectional Title and Home Owner Association industry.


Our competitive advantage is we provide owners a one-stop shop: property and rental management as well as sales. This is a unique and cohesive partnership which facilitates the speedy handling of matters that may otherwise negatively impact upon the reputation of a complex.


Some of the services we offer:

  • Full administration and management of the Body Corporate/ Home Owners Association, including book keeping.
  • Preparation of annual estimated expenditure in order to determine levies.
  • Assistance and advice to trustees on procedural matters to ensure compliance to the Sectional Title Act 95 of 1986 and any amendments thereto.
  • Arrange annual audit.
  • Short to long-term maintenance planning.
  • Arrange appropriate insurance.
  • Payment of contractors, staff and any legislative deductions.

Annexure 8 – yearly levy increase rule, changes explained

As seasoned Property Managers, we will assist the directors/trustees and owners in the entire day to day management, turning the management process into a pleasurable experience. Undoubtedly, for those seeking integrity, high ethical standards, professionalism and expertise from their Property Managers, one cannot err by choosing a progressive company like -SHIELD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT / IMBER PROPERTY MANAGEMENT
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On the 14th March 2013 some amendments to the Management Rules (annexure 8) were published. I would like to highlight one of these, that could cause confusion, in the future. The previous amendment published and that came into effect in October 2010, where the trustees were empowered to increase the levy amount from the end of the financial year by up to 10%, until the AGM has been removed and the following has replaced ……..

Section 31 of the Management Rules state
4(B) The trustees may from time to time, when necessary, make special levies upon the owners or all upon them to make special contributions in respect of all such expenses as are mentioned in, rule 31(1) above (which are not included in any estimates made in terms of rule 32(2) above), and such levies and contributions may be made payable in one sum or by such instalments and at such time or times as the trustees shall think fit.

This would mean that the trustees should have an estimation of the expected budget before the auditors have done the financials for the previous financial year. This amount must then be calculated up to the month that the AGM is to be held (say for 4 months) and notify the owners, in writing, of such ‘special levy’ 30 days before the implementation. The trustees need to explain the reason for the ‘special levy’ and to notify the owners over what period these payments are to take place.

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Professional Sectional Title Services offered. Qualified in all aspects of Sectional Title Management, Home Owners Associations and Retirement Villages. We have been involved in this line of work for a number of years. Developer or an established Scheme, we can make a difference, because we enjoy the challenges and we are good at it. We can assist the Trustees in the correct interpretation of the Act and offer you the following services:- Liaise with Trustees Body Corporate Owners Tenants / Rental Agents Contractors Meetings Annual General Meetings Special General Meetings Trustee Meetings Financial Preparation of Annual Budget/s Ensuring write up of books to trail balance Ensuring Body Corporate Books sent out for Audit Respond to Levy and other related queries Prepare and monitor monthly budget comparisons Permanent Documents Safe keeping of Management and Conduct Rules or Memorandum and Articles of Association Sectional Title Plans Insurance Schedules Minutes of all meetings General Correspondence Maintenance Assisting in the obtaining quotations Supervision of Maintenance Appointment of contractors Administrative Payment of contractors Debits / Credits on levy accounts Payment of suppliers Calculation of Special Levies Account Queries Obtaining approval of invoices from Trustees Payment of wages / salaries Levy Clearance Certificates Credit Control Collection of outstanding levies Legal Liaison Maintaining a healthy Bank Account Payment of staff salaries and submission of PAYE, UIF returns Sending out of monthly levy accounts Personnel Employ general workers for the complex Preparation of Employment Contracts Ensuring adherence to Labour Relations Secretarial Minute taking at all meetings Action from the minutes Circular letters General Correspondence Insurance Ensure complex adequately insured Processing of insurance claims Appointment of Contractors Finalisation of Insurance Claim Liaison with Insurance Broker General Assistance to all complexes with regard to the action and the interpretation of Act

Tentant in Sectional Title Schemes and owners rights

An owner of a property does not have absolute right to do as he or she pleases, being subjected to municipal bylaws, neighbourhood and other laws.

A tenant will need permission from her landlord if she intends to make certain changes such as installing burglar bars or safety gates to the doors.

The owner in turn needs to notify the Managing Agent to obtain permission from the Trustees before installing these as there may be specified designs in the rules that will have to be followed.



This is a question that often gets asked. Before I get into the items stated in the Act, I would like to advise all trustees to have a look at their current signed contract. Nine out of ten times there is a clause in the wording that is never highlighted it goes something like this –

This agreement shall commence on the effective date stipulated in Paragraph 3 hereof and the duration / termination shall be in terms of Prescribed Management Rule 46, as amended from time to time; provided that except in the event of Prescribed Management Rule 46 (2)(a) applying, any notice of termination shall be given in writing at least 2 (two) months prior to renewal date which will fall on the first day of the Body Corporates financial year.

Each and every renewal of this Agreement will be subject to the same terms and conditions set out herein, except where specifically altered in terms of a separate written Agreement signed by both parties.

This means that the contract is automatically renewed from year to year unless the trustees give notice to terminate their contract. This will only become effective at the end on the contract. Therefore the managing agent company can hold the trustee to the full duration of the contract.

It is my advice to all trustees, considering you do not have a crystal ball, foretelling the future, to immediately remedy this part of the contract, put the managing agency company on notice, soonest, and get the new contract to state that it is a month to month contract with a two month notice period either way, effective from the anniversary date. JUST IN CASE.

I have been a Sectional Title Manager for about 8 years now. I am extremely passionate about what I do, so much so, that I have decided to produce a monthly newsletter, which will contain snippits of information, which are relevant to Sectional Title Management, and Home Owners Associations. This will include any new changes in the Acts. Please mail me if you are interested in receiving a copy of this.